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Why the name #yogaisokay ?

Most people, even my friends, could not understand the term “okay“. “Okay“ is not necessarily the best description for a good yoga lesson or a professional yoga teacher. But to be honest, what is a good yoga lesson anyway? Everyone has his/her own perspective and own needs. Yoga helps me navigate difficult situations in life, accepting that sometime it is okay not to be at your best, but also knowing that everything is temporary and better times will come. The name “yoga is okay” comes from that feeling. Might not sound fancy, however it describes perfectly how my classes are. Just be yourself and join me on the mat, with the ups and downs that life brings with it. My yoga will show you and help you find your own way to be okay! And if you didn´t know, it is okay to have a good time - or maybe even a laugh - during yoga!

#yogaisokay #yogamagic

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