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I am Verena and probably like most people on this earth, I’ve also got my problems to deal with.


You might know the feeling:

Your thoughts are driving you crazy, something about your body is bothering you,

self-compassion got washed down the sink.


2014 I decided to give yoga a try. There it was.

My first yoga class.

I felt lost, not having a clue about

how the poses should look.


But hey, the Savasana-Bliss, that one I got immediately.

Yoga was okay!


The bliss stayed, the poses started to become clearer, and by the end of 2017 I committed to a daily practice.

Best decision.


I realized, that whatever shit happens in life, all I have to do is turn on my deep breathing, and my mind starts to change attitude: no more brain bitching at me.

Yoga is there when I need it

and it has taught me to be who I am.

With my body and my moods.

It helps me make better decisions for my mental and physical health.


In 2018 I enrolled for a 200hr YTT and here I am, teaching Vinyasa without being too serious 

('cause, yes, the alignments are very important, but it is okay to have fun).

Teaching fills my heart with joy.


I feel yoga could be okay for you, too!

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